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How to Set Up a Facebook Business Manager Account

Step-by-step instructions on setting up a brand new Facebook Business Manager Account

  1. Go to business.facebook.com .
  2. At the top right, push the “Create Account” blue button.
  3. Name the Business. This is how other people will see the Business so make sure to use proper spelling and capitalisation.
  4. “Business Email” is the one that will receive notifications.
  5. On the left sidebar, scroll down to "Business Info" that has a little briefcase next to it and click that.
  6. Fill out the business details on the screen that opens. If there is information on the business on Google—such as on Google Maps—try to get the information here to match.
  7. When that’s done, an email will be sent out to the email entered into the “Business Email” field for confirmation.
  8. Open up the email account for the Business Email and click the confirmation link from Facebook.
  9. Clicking the confirmation will go to the standard Business Manager interface, which can now be accessed at business.facebook.com .