Is Professional Photography Really Worth It?

Posted by Dallen Clark on May 25, 2019 4:59:18 PM

Getting work done by the professionals means that you get top-quality results. But it also means that you pay top-quality prices. With the ability to find free use images online and to purchase high-quality stock images, is there still a good reason to hire a professional photographer? Stock images are helpful in a pinch or in certain situations, but using them to save money can actually cost you more in the long run, something we go into detail about in our blog post about Stock vs Original Photos.  So are professional photos for your business really worth it? The short answer is yes. 

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Stock vs Original Photos: Can You See the Difference?

Posted by Dallen Clark on May 25, 2019 4:58:20 PM

 Everyone has come across stock photos while looking at websites, even if they didn't know the term. Stock photos are professional pictures that are taken by a large company. The company then sells you the license to use the image for commercial use so that you can use it freely to promote your website. Usually, it comes out to a few dollars per image and they're generally high quality. 

Sounds like a sweet deal. 

But stock photos aren't ideal and come with a set of issues that you can't avoid.  For the best results, we recommend hiring a professional photographer to do a photo shoot--read here for more about all the benefits of using professional photos for your business. We're going to go over 3  major issues of using stock photos in this post that you should be aware of and why you should take stock of your photos and use original, high-quality photography whenever possible. Be original; be yourself! 

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