When it comes to content, how can quality be quantified?

Posted by Dallen Clark on Aug 8, 2019 7:20:00 AM

If you’ve ever read any marketing or SEO tips from experts, you’ll find that they nearly all of them say the same thing about written content: quality is the most important aspect. High-quality content ranks better than low-quality (obviously). And if you have to choose between quality and quantity, quality Trumps every time.

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With keywords, the right words are key!

Posted by Dallen Clark on Jul 20, 2019 9:17:06 AM

How does Google work? Officially, there’s a highly-secret algorithm that’s constantly being updated by some of the greatest minds in the world that can interpret text written from people of all backgrounds and show relevant results related to their query. Unofficially, it seems like it can be completely random. After all, a search for “best search engine” doesn’t go straight to the Google home page. Instead, it leads to a list of articles, with one of the top results being “14 Great Search Engines You Can Use Instead of Google.”

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Keep your website running smooth with regular maintenance

Posted by Dallen Clark on Jul 19, 2019 9:58:56 AM

If you let your car sit without doing any work on it, eventually it starts to act up. It might start drifting in one direction, take longer to start up in the morning, or make weird sounds. You wouldn’t want to go years without getting an oil change, rotating the tyres, or changing the fluids.

And you shouldn’t do it for your website either.

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What Ranking Factors is Google Looking for in 2019?

Posted by Back9 Design on Jun 13, 2019 4:40:34 PM

With literally billions of searches done each day, Google is doing pretty well for itself. And with approximately 85% of the search engine market, other search engines are dwarves against the GIANT. It’s no surprise that the slang for finding information online is to Google it (Yahoo It! Nope, sorry Yahoo). In fact, Google has become such a big deal that there are Search Engine Optimisation companies dedicated solely to getting you to rank well on the search engine, some of which use… Unscrupulous means to force results--that almost always turn out to be short-term.

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SEO vs. SEM: The Ultimate Showdown

Posted by Dallen Clark on Jun 13, 2019 4:33:45 PM

Quick, in a fight between SEO and SEM - who would win? Are you going to put all your money on the reigning champ, or do you think the rising star will steal the title match? Choosing the wrong option can make it so that you don’t get the best possible results for your business. So before placing that wager, it might be helpful to know a little bit about the contenders.

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Two Minute Blog - Where's my new website?

Posted by Two-Minute Blogger on Mar 5, 2019 2:13:57 PM

So you’ve built a brand new website, made it pretty, and filled it full of great content and information about your business. Then, you go and type it into Google to see it live. And… Nothing. You can’t find it. Your site couldn’t hide better if it was the child of Where's Wally and Carmen Sandiego. Don’t worry--you aren’t alone! Our two-minute tip video of the week goes into detail about why this happens to new sites.


Two Minute Tip - Where's My New Website
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Designing a Website: XML Sitemap

Posted by Phil Robinson on Jul 17, 2018 12:56:27 PM

You wouldn't design a new kitchen without drawing up a plan first, would you? Similarly, you'd never want to design a website without creating a sitemap.

A sitemap is a file of code that lives on your web server and lists all of the relevant URLs that are in the structure of your website. It helps search engine web crawlers determine the structure of the site so they can crawl it more intelligently. 

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5 Ways to Help Reduce Your Website’s Page Loading Speed

Posted by Phil Robinson on Jul 17, 2018 11:45:09 AM

The old adage “patience is a virtue” doesn’t really apply online. 

Even a one-second delay can dramatically reduce pageviews, customer satisfaction and drop conversions. 

The speed of your website even affects your website's performance and subsequently your organic search rankings. Since 2010, Google has been accounting for a site speed in its algorithm. 

So what’s the biggest factor contributing to your page speed?

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What is SEO all about?

Posted by Phil Robinson on Jul 2, 2018 4:48:48 PM

Years ago in a not so far-off land the internet, SEO - or Search Engine Optimisation - was relatively easy. It was all about keywords. Keywords that might help a potential customer to find your website. It was great while it lasted and it was easy enough to figure out what your keywords should be when you knew what you did - and if all else failed - you would just LIST EVERY SINGLE WORD you could think of.


Then, the old school marketers ruined it for everyone by making it spammy! So Google got wiser.

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